Tip Expert is a betting application made for iOS & Android. With this app you can make and track your bets on Champions League 2014-2015 matches.

Tip Expert is just a game and is played WITHOUT real money.

About the App

Tip Expert is a mobile application for Android and iOS that you can use to make predictions for the games.
The predictions for one game are: final score, half time score, first team to score, last team to score and total
number of goals. With each prediction you can gain points and rank up. There are multiple leagues, meaning
multiple "rankings". Tip Expert is just a game and is played WITHOUT real money. Your bets are rated by a
specific point system. The more points you can earn, the better you will stand in the leaderboards.


Play, enjoy and win prizes

You can take a look at the prize list we give for this edition of the Champions League.
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The beginning of development

We started the development of the Tip Expert mobile app at the beginning of 2014. The base ideea was the
Uefa Match Predictor game. We thought it would be nice to have this app both on Android and iOS, and
make it more general and competitive.

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